How to nurture engaged, adaptive teams using compassion with Dr. Andrea Hollingsworth

    Today's episode is a special treat for you, the first of our new video interview series! Host Patrick Pitman interviews guest expert Dr. Andrea Hollingsworth to learn how compassion can help you nurture an engaged team.

    Better work relationships within your team and management mean your organization becomes more adaptive, and more resilient despite whatever challenges may come.

    When employees are stressed, struggling, and/or underperforming, they need leaders who are expertly equipped to help them feel more connected, understood, and supported, while still holding them accountable to high standards of job performance.

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    Storytime topics for today

    • We can get distracted with remedies that aren't addressing the underlying problem of why people are leaving or disengaged at work
    • Research has shown that a more compassionate leader-base makes a qualitative and quantitative difference in the employee satisfaction, loyalty, and performance
    • Sarcasm in the workplace - humor or slightly mocking?
    • Signs that your team is struggling with employee disengagement
    • Leaders set the emotional norms in your company
    • Compassion is a skill
    • What is your vision for the kind of leadership support you want to communicate to your team?
    • How do you build emotional health into your organization?
    • Importance of building trust and collaboration amongst your team, so you can adapt and evolve your business through the tough times
    • Communicating from the top that empathetic leaders matter sends a message to the entire organization
    • A quick change you can try today to test what a bit of compassion brings to your workplace


    Should you want more from Andrea, she teaches theThe Compassionate Leadership Program. It gives leaderspractical skills and tools for building a more emotionally healthy and supportive workplace -- one where engagement, productivity, and loyalty arise naturally out of a sense of connection, support, and belonging.


    About Dr. Andrea Hollingsworth:Andrea Hollingsworth, PhD, MAMFT, is passionate about helping leaders build cultures of care, emotional wellness, and mental health awareness in organizational environments. As a current psychotherapist and former university professor, Andrea has spent decades researching, counseling, and teaching on topics related to human wholeness, happiness, and interpersonal wellbeing. Since 2008, she has published and presented widely on the topic of compassion--a theme that remains central to her work with leaders and organizations. Andrea adores good books, good conversations, good coffee, and all things cozy. She lives with her family in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

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