The Current

    I had some beers with a few other entrepreneurs last week. One of them split with his business partner four months ago. He re-partnered with another person from the industry and started over. In four months, they’re just under $20,000 a month in revenue.

    “It’s a bit crazy,” he told me, “I remember working for years and trying all sorts of things, first with my e-commerce business and then the last company. This new business is easy. Things just flow. Every sales conversation is positive. It’s like everything in the business is aligned.”

    “What’s the difference?” I asked him.

    “Selling people what they want,” he said, “I was always looking for a wave of demand. Interest. A trend. This feels like that wave.”

    Your execution can be tight, your strategy sound, your culture connected. But none of those has near the same impact on the business as your relationship to the market.

    You can’t swim faster than the current.

    This post was originally published on Knight Errant.

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